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The FOOTPRINT Conference is the place to learn about emerging technologies and see how they can be adopted in everyday practice to accelerate action against climate change. Leading experts across a range of fields will tackle this complex and rapidly moving challenge, to share knowledge with those making day-to-day decisions within the UK. If you work in the built environment, or aspire to do so, then this event is essential for you to discover the trends of the future that should be applied now. Three main themes will be explored over four days of fascinating content. 

Content on each of the stages will be filmed and available digitally after the event.

This programme is in development. As a result sessions may change. Check back here for updates.

What's on


A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. This stage will explore how the construction sector can dramatically reduce its consumption of raw materials and the generation of waste.

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Circular Economy


The Efficient Buildings stage will consider how the operation of a building significantly impacts its whole-life carbon emissions. This stream will look at different design decisions that can be made to optimise buildings and reduce emissions and whether they deliver in reality with insights from real-life case studies.

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Max Fordham


This stage will feature a programme of discussion and education about energy generation and decarbonisation of the National Grid and gas networks. Using best practice examples, industry benchmarks and new tools for carbon prediction and accounting.

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Hilson Moran



Paul Monaghan, Director, AHMM

"At last a conference that can address the key issues facing design, construction and development in the UK. The only way of solving the climate crisis is through collaboration. The rich mix of consultants, clients, stakeholders and government together with a great location will make FOOTPRINT a great success"

Duncan Baker-Brown, Director BBM Sustainable Design

"FOOTPRINT will be one of the major events that facilitates the working relationships required to realise smart, green, zero-carbon living"

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What people are saying about FOOTPRINT

What people are saying about FOOTPRINT

  • FOOTPRINT is the place to showcase how we can build sustainable developments and reduce the carbon footprint of building projects. In tackling the climate crisis, these are the conversations we need to be having.
    Peter Kyle
    MP for Hove, Shadow Minister for Justice
  • Despite the global impact of COVID-19 the UK property industry is resilient. FOOTPRINT will provide a forum for everyone to create a deliverable agenda for sustainable growth in the UK property market.
    Francis Hilton
    Pelican Developments
  • The construction sector has a huge role to play in enabling Local Authorities to meet ambitious carbon zero targets. I believe that FOOTPRINT will be the event that supports the creative discussions and working relationships required to achieve Zero Carbon living.
    Duncan Baker-Brown
    Architect, Lecturer at University of Brighton & Campaigner for Circular Economy
  • At last an event that addresses the key issues facing design, construction and development in the UK. The rich mix of consultants, clients, stakeholders and government together with the great location will make Footprint a huge success.
    Paul Monaghan Director of Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects
    Liverpool City Region Design Champion and founding member of Architects Declare
  • The idea of the jobs fair on the last day is brilliant. It's exactly what school and university leavers need, and as a CDO, I realise that finding high calibre candidates to work for your organisation is a hugely time absorbing process.
    Adam Brockley
    Founder of Scape Student Living
  • As we move to create the ‘new normal’ post Covid, we have an unprecedented opportunity to re-write the rules around our environmental impact on the planet, this conference does exactly that.
    Gavin Stewart
    Executive Director Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership
  • FOOTPRINT is a hugely exciting opportunity to address the climate emergency which we all face as global citizens.
    James Blakey
    Planning Director Moda Living
  • FOOTPRINT has been set up to answer a need in the property market. We have all traipsed off to the South of France previously to meet up and discuss property issues. This is no longer a responsible action given the carbon footprint of getting there. Combined with the exit of Britain from the EU, we, in the UK market need to meet and discuss our national and international concerns. Footprint is set up to permit us to do this in an accessible, affordable and responsible way
    William Edgerley
    Director Edge Ahead Limited